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1 August 2017
Classy colibri at La Réserve Ramatuelle

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One of our favorite summer evening drives takes us to the gates of La Réserve in Ramatuelle. A truly magical place nested among pine trees, vineyards, oak forests and olive groves near Saint-Tropez in the South of France, the exclusive hotel and spa are owned by Michel Reybier, also owner of Château Cos d’Estournel, one of the best wines of Bordeaux. Michel Reybier’s leitmotiv is « Rethinking Luxury » and the values held high in his La Réserve offerings in Geneva, Paris and Ramatuelle are excellence, authenticity and simplicity. A vocation and a promise to those who share an appreciation for a different way of life.

After passing through the gates, the short drive to the hotel offers a breathtaking panorama. In beautiful fusion with the extraordinary natural environment, the hotel melts into the landscape, the Mediterranean Sea as the unique horizon. Having left our car with the valets, we walk down a pretty stone staircase among lavender and other scented flowers that leads to the main building where we are welcomed by a charming hostess alerted by radio of our arrival.

With its streamlined lines and spectacular volumes, the building’s architecture and interior decoration convey contemporary and refined elegance. Amid the chic atmosphere enhanced by natural materials, a subtle palette of ochre, white and sandy tones reflects the dazzling southern light.

Under the direction of  Nicolas Vincent, General Manager, nothing at La Réserve Ramatuelle is left to chance and improvisation. The place exudes calm and competent organisation. The hotel complex consists of 28 rooms and suites, 14 villas set amidst Mediterranean nature, and what is probably the most beautiful spa of the Côte d’Azur with a fully-equipped fitness, as one expects from a 5-star residence.

The Skybar is perched on the roof and provides a unique tête-à-tête with the sea. Edouard Pidoux and his team personalise the service with humour and discretion. Such a complicity is often rare in this kind of establishment and makes us feel at home. The quality of the service and the presence of Nicolas Lopez, restaurant manager, makes us remark on how the team work embodies the rules of savoir-vivre. Personalized service by attentive staff is what sets La Réserve in Ramatuelle apart from many other exclusive hotels and palaces and something we appreciate immensely. In the words of owner Michel Reybier, « well-known or unknown, but always acknowledged ». The Skybar’s Japanese menu prepared by a sushi itamae is of top quality. The somptuous menu omakase showcases the mastery of the chef with the varied flavors, tastes and colors of fresh fish and shellfish.

On the rare evenings when the mistral wind threatens to blow us off the roof, we welcome the chance to go down one floor to the starred restaurant La Voile. Floating between the deep blue sea and the azure of the sky, this place is gastronomy devoid of anything superfluous thanks to chef Eric Canino, who plays with the authentic flavors of the South. He reinvents a classic Provençal repertoire by drawing on high-quality products of irreproachable freshness. His true strength is an inventive menu that manages to combine indulgence and balance. One of the most interesting cellars of the region tempts us with exceptional vintages. We love dining with champagne, and one of our discoveries of the summer is the champagne Michel Reybier Brut Premier Cru, which is remarquable and shows the importance its owner accords to quality in all his enterprises. The service at La Voile is, need I say it, impeccable – Csaba Németh and his team are professional and thoughtful and cater attentively to all our wishes.

Each single evening spent at La Réserve in Ramatuelle is a wonderful moment of beauty, refinement and luxury. Late in the night, we resign ourselves to leave this magical place. When we reach the top of the stone staircase, our car’s engine is already turning. No detail is left to chance.

A place to visit again and again without Reserve.            He-colibri

La Réserve | Chemin de la Quessine | 83350 Ramatuelle | France |

Classy colibri at La Réserve Ramatuelle, Saint-Tropez, France Classy colibri at La Réserve Ramatuelle, Saint-Tropez, France Classy colibri at La Réserve Ramatuelle, Saint-Tropez, France Classy colibri at the Skybar at La Réserve Ramatuelle Classy colibri at the Skybar at La Réserve Ramatuelle, Saint-Tropez, FranceClassy colibri at the Skybar at La Réserve RamatuelleClassy colibri at the Skybar at La Réserve RamatuelleClassy colibri at the Skybar at La Réserve Ramatuelle Skybar at La Réserve RamatuelleLa Réserve Ramatuelle Cos d'EstournelLa Réserve Ramatuelle Champagne Michel ReybierClassy colibri at the Skybar at La Réserve Ramatuelle

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