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15 April 2018
Classy colibri on René Caovilla shoes Venice Venezia

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Once you’ve slid your foot in a Caovilla shoe, your heart will be lost forever…

Artisans of Venice have, for many centuries, been producing objects of extraordinary beauty. Luxury shoe brand René Caovilla is all Venetian craftsmanship, artistry and virtuosity. Caovilla shoes tread a fine line between pure art and artisanal luxury. Spotted on red carpets all over the world, every flourish of its feminine, delicate shoes is a hymn to beauty. No two models are alike and all are stunningly decorated with lace, embroidery, mosaic, porcelain, pearls, stones or feathers. These shoes convey femininity, strong personality and a touch of extravaganza. The signature glitter sole adds sparkling glamour.

My very first Caovilla heels were a present from my husband shortly after we were married. A pair of iconic Selina sandals made of leather and silk embellished with crystals. I have worn them to many parties, and on many summer evenings, and yet they still look immaculate such is their quality. I can wear them all night: no discomfort, only a sense of slender, almost ephemeral beauty. My collection has since then grown and every Caovilla acquisition – from my visit to one of the few and far between Caovilla showrooms to my first outing in my delicate new shoes – is pure pleasure.

In addition to their stunning collections, René Caovilla also creates to order – you select a shape, a finish and the crystals you like, and within a few weeks you have your own unique pair…

Certain Caovilla creations have gained the status of icons. These are models released every season in a new sparkling, preciously elegant variance. The snake design that delicately and sinuously coils around the ankle has become the house trademark. Inspired by the serpent worn on the arm of ancient Romans and Egyptians, it was introduced by René Caovilla in 1975 and was displayed at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

The company’s skilled artisans – some of whom have worked at Caovilla for 60 years – and a strong family leadership are probably the reason the business has thrived and gained a worldwide reputation. The current CEO and creative director is Edoardo Caovilla, son of René Caovilla, and grandson of the founder, Edoardo Caovilla.

“Works of art called shoes grant wishes and raise emotions. Passion and never-ending research do not draw the line at fantasy and creativity. This is how dreams come true in our fairy tale.”  Edoardo Caovilla


René Caovilla | Showroom at Corso Matteotti, 10 | 20121 Milan | Italy | renecaovilla.com

Classy colibri on René Caovilla Venice Venezia Classy colibri on women and shoes René Caovilla Classy colibri on René Caovilla shoes Venice Venezia Classy colibri on René Caovilla shoes Venice Venezia













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