A soulful song by Axel Ahdritz

15 July 2017


A soulful song by my godson Axel Ahdritz. He wrote this song at only 15 and, in his own words :

Many people have chosen to avoid the issue of the refugees for many different reasons as more and more of the displaced bleed from their country. On the more obvious front, perhaps people can argue it is too polarizing or that it is happening too far away and shouldn’t affect our lives. However, I saw it as impossible to maintain such a stance once visiting and meeting with refugees and program leaders in Germany, which in turn, inspired me to read more about refugees.

This is when I came across the story of a young 10 year old boy who barely escaped Syria with his life, and sadly, wasn’t able to save his family from becoming another statistic of the political instability. However, against all odds, he kept on fighting and by some stroke of luck or by his strength of will, he reached Europe. Yet, after he arrived, he was rejected by many countries, so he kept on moving. The politicians were so focused on serving the selfish people with megaphones that they couldn’t hear a little boy with nothing but his voice and no understanding of the strange tongues spoken in Europe. I could not find any other stories about the boy, or where he ended up, and his name was censored for his own safety against further attacks, but I do hope that he finds himself again.

I am not trying to make people guilty for being ignorant, or people who are fully aware and have chosen not to act. However, whether safeguarding the lives of refugees align with your political beliefs, or not, children should not have to suffer from the squabbles of gilded men. Going out to you, and the rest of those who have found themselves lost, get up and stay strong.

Listen and be moved.          She-colibri

Little one for all the children fleeing from their homes | Axel Ahdritz

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